Zelist Monitor is a media monitoring and measurement tool. Every week, Zelist Monitor analyzes over 96.000 blogs, over 90.000 Facebook pages, over 350.000 Twitter accounts, over 8.000 online publications, and more than 70 of the most important forums to give you the opportunity to identify in real time the main discussions created around the brands that interest you.

Zelist Monitor launches in a new feature "Top: Topics in the online press"
8 Jun
Zelist Monitor adds a new source in monitoring social media
A new social media channel has been added to the list of sources we monitor
8 Mar
Terms of Service Updates
We've just updated our Terms of Service
20 Mar
Setting your alerts for each source
Now you can choose to set your alerts for each source
3 Mar
Zelist Broadcast Media Monitoring is now available
Get Full Media Coverage by Monitoring Broadcast Mentions for the main TV & Radio Stations
27 Nov
Users can report irrelevant mentions in Zelist Monitor
Every Zelist Monitor mention comes with the button "Mention report".
9 Feb
Unique sources in Zelist Monitor
Zelist Monitor users can see the number of unique sources where an expression was mentioned
9 Feb
Zelist Monitor introduces the option of 2 or 3 daily alerts
From now, Zelist Monitor users have the oportunity to receive on the e-mail 2 or 3 daily alerts, for a better monitoring of the expressions.
22 Jan
Screenshots for online press articles
You can instantly acces screenshots of the online press articles you are interested in
24 Nov
Zelist Monitor mentions the influencers from Instagram, Youtube and Facebook
How much was your brand mentioned on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook?
12 Nov
Favourite articles can be sent via e-mail
All relevant articles, in one place
18 Jun
Filtered results can be exported
Exact searches, in one place
12 Jun
Multiple marking in the filtration of appereances
We have facilitated the filtration of appereances
26 May
Customs lists, a new feature in Zelist Monitor
Because at Zelist Monitor we always try to make things easier and to offer you the most relevant information, we present you the newest feature of our platform: custom lists.
20 Apr
The press, added in the "Influencers" sub-menu in Zelist Monitor
How much was your brand mentioned in the online press?
10 Nov
The Zelist Monitor tagcloud, a brand's "radiography" in social media
The most important tags about a brand, all in one place
7 Nov
Task management in ZeList Monitor
Now you can add tasks in our platform
30 Oct
ZeList Monitor searchs in mentions
An upgrade for mentions' listing
29 Oct
The ZeList Monitor newsletter has a subscribers system
Everybody can acces the newest social media news
29 Oct
Zelist Monitor - now with ask.fm
Because we want to be aware of new social media channels, we added a new source.
16 May
Instagram and Foursquare (first numbers for Romania)
We've added two new sources in Zelist Monitor
29 Nov
Zelist Monitor - now with Facebook
Zelist Monitor monitors Romanian users' Facebook posts, in private beta version
26 Nov
Zelist Monitor is introducing a new category of monitored sources: Content aggregators
At the request of many customers we've decided to add a new category of sources.
15 Oct
Mentions on LinkedIn available in Zelist Monitor
Do you want to know what it is said about your brand on LinkedIn?
26 Sep
We monitor blog comments added with Facebook social plugin
An upgrade for blog comments
4 Sep
Group comparator and share of voice
We've added two new funcions in Zelist Monitor
4 Sep
Comments through Comments Box, now available in the platform
881 comments were published daily, in the last 7 months, on the most important 50 online media publications from Romania
8 Aug
ZeList Monitor data can be exported by days
We've added a new function for data export
8 Aug
324.831 - Do you recognize the number?
More than 300.000 comments published on the most important 13 online media websites in Romania
26 Jul
Zelist Monitor English version
Starting today, 11.07.2012, Zelist Monitor platform is available both in Romanian and in English.
11 Jul
Expressions comparison & viewership
You can compare two expressions from their estimated viewership point of view.
20 Sep
Displaying the number of unique sources
We show you the number of unique sources in which the mentions were made
16 Sep
“Favorite” section
You can add any article you consider to be interesting or you want to save for your archive.
16 Sep
Graphic impact
In the Graphics section you can see a new graphic that shows the impact of the mentions depending on the sources.
13 Apr
We monitor Facebook!
Because a social media expert can't ignore the most important social network in the world
4 Apr
Computing the impact
We go beyond the simple listing of mentions and we compute their impact depending on the importance of the source
3 Apr
Demography and geography
Who and from where are those that write about the topics you monitor? You now have access to this data
2 Apr
4 Sep

Group comparator and share of voice

We've added two new features in Zelist Monitor:

- a group comparator, which compares a group of expressions with another one according to the number of mentions, vierwership and share of voice.

For example, a brand can compare its expressions with the competitors' expressions.

- the share of voice feature, available for expressions in a group

Both options can be used for periods pre-defined of 7 days, 30 days or 365 days and. There can be selected all the monitorized sources or certain sources.

The updates are available in the menu "Compare", sections "Group comparator" and "Share of voice".