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Real time alerts

We keep you well informed (through e-mail, RSS feed and through our online platform) about all the conversations that mention the brands you're monitoring. Notifications can be sent to your e-mail address and to those of your partners/colleagues who do not own an Zelist Monitor account. And if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, you can set your alerts only for certain expressions and from a certain level of importance up.

Complex analysis

At the beginning of each week/month, we provide you with synthetic data about the presence in social media of your brand. Quantitative representations and comparisons with previous periods of time and with your competition, share-of-voice, topics breakdown etc.

Evaluation of the importance of the source

We use our own algorithms to evaluate the importance of every source, depending on its type. We take into consideration the estimated traffic of the source and its power as a media brand (we calculate the number of comments, RT/conversations, trackbacks, shares/likes) to better estimate the way it influences your brand.

Impact measurement of every post

We evaluate the potential viewership of every post, taking into consideration the general traffic of the primary source, the traffic derived from the secondary trackbacks (in blogosphere, on Twitter and on Facebook), and also the degree of interactions generated by them.

We show the message spread

We show you how much a blog post or a press article has spread on other blogs, on Twitter and on Facebook. And who are those who spread your message.

Intuitive visualization (timeline & graphics)

We believe in the beauty of information. And we try to represent it as elegantly as possible, so the data would be more easily understood.We offer graphical representations and timelines, filtration methods and ways to export the data (to post process it in other computer programs).

Multiple-user accounts

Zelist Monitor supports collaboration :) You can work with your colleagues, with your partners from other agencies or with your clients. You can delegate some of your tasks by creating new sub-user accounts.You can allow for a sub-user to add expressions, to receive the automated analysis, to edit tags (communication subjects) and sentiment.

Data export capabilities (csv, xls, pdf)

If you wish to work with the data provided by Zelist Monitor in other programs, we can provide the data format you need (Excel, CSV, PDF) and even a dedicated API.

Complex comparative analysis of your competition

We believe that a fair competition is the engine of progress. So, we've tried to take this aspect into consideration when we developed Zelist Monitor. We have a tool for expression comparisons and a dedicated section in the automatic analysis that allows you to see where your brand stands when compared to others.

Possibilities to mark the content (tags, sentiment, etc.)

We allow human intervention on the content. You can define the subject of an article/post, you can specify irrelevant conversations and sources and define sentiment/tone of voice for a certain post/article. And all this information is well structured in the automated analysis generated by the system.

Archive going one year back

We own the Time Machine! Almost: we can provide information on the discussions regarding your brand in the last 365 days. We still have a little work to do in order to see into the future 365 days :)

Design & usability

We want to simplify things, to offer a simple and intuitive work flow for our clients, that doesn't require many study days. We hope that we've managed to do this, at least partially, because otherwise your questions and phone calls will keep us very busy :))

Geographical data of the emitters

ZeList Monitor reveals geographical distribution of all those that discuss about your brand, both on blogs and on Twitter.

Demographic data of the emitters

We tell you the age and gender of all those that mention your brand on their blogs or Twitter accounts.

ZeList Monitor at a glance
More than a simple monitoring service, ZeList Monitor is a
complete solution for
in social media
which permanently monitors
2.000.000 sources, including the blogosphere, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, online press, forums
and provides its users an impressive ammount of data, consisting of
demographics and geographical data, visibility assessments, reports, analysis and alerts.
How much information/audience are we talking about when we say "Social Media from .ro"?


Which produce monthly
+ 100.000 posts
* ZeList monitors 99% of Romanian blogs

Twitter accounts

Which produce monthly
1.5 mil tweets
* ZeList monitors 99% of Romanian Twitter accounts

online press sources

Which produce monthly
600.000 articles
* the most online sources in .ro

public Facebook pages

Which produce monthly
1.4 mil posts
4 mil comments
+3.1 mil*

blog readers

Out of which
741.000 frequent readers
* according to SATI/BRAT

Facebook users

Up by
9.5% in the last year
* according to official Facebook data

Youtube accounts

Which produce monthly
150.000 videos
2.7 mil comments


Which produce monthly
400.000 posts
Industry leaders use ZeList Monitor
ZeList Monitor supports