Zelist Monitor can be useful both to corporations and to communication agencies who handle various brands and who have complex monitoring needs (multi-user accounts, large number of monitored expressions, advanced filters, exports and integration with other applications), but can also help the small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.
In order to meet these needs, we offer two predefined service packages, with adapted prices for the two types of users and customized services to meet their necessities.
In case your needs involve other specific requirements, we can certainly create a package adapted to your specific situation.
Corporate packages
Package Price/Month Maximum
number of
Export (pdf, graphics, excel) Alerts Analysis Demographics & Geographical data Impact Facebook Forums Instagram
Press Comments Youtube Social Media Insights Support
Premium 250 € + TVA 10 / 5 / 3 3

Complete 325€ + TVA 10 / 5 / 3 3

400€ + TVA 10 / 5 / 3 3

Terms of Contract

Bonus: When acquiring a Premium or Complete package, you also get the possibility to publish press releases on our site, (2 press releases per month)

In case you wish to supplement the number of expressions, analysis and/or users (options available only for Premium, Complete and Complete Plus packages), the afferent costs are:

  • one extra user: 10 euros/month or 100 euros/year

  • one extra analysis: 20 euros/month or 200 euros/year

For extra expressions, please contact us.

If you need only some functionalities or only some monitored online channels, please contact us. Zelist Monitor permits custom monitoring packages.

Curent Zelist Monitor users can benefit of free access to the Online Press Comments Module for 3 months. After trial period expires, the new module will have a modest price. The module also has access to comments made through the Facebook plugin: Comment Box. For details, please contact us.

Users Premium packages will benefit from the Social Media Insights Module for free for 2 months, while users with Complete packages will benefit from it for free during 6 months – this applies to service packages acquired for at least 1 year.

Curent Zelist Monitor users can benefit of free access to the LinkedIn Module for 3 months. After trial period expires, the new module will have a modest price. For details, please contact us.

Current Zelist Monitor users can benefit of free access to the Task Management Module. Starting 1st June, 2015, this module will be available for 50 euros/month.

TagCloud and Filter modules are available only for Complete Plus users.

For package upgrades to Complete we also offer 6 months free use of the Social Media Insights Module. After this period expires, the cost of this module is of 25 euros + VAT per month.

  • We offer a 25% discount in case of advance payment for one whole year

  • Archive access (for the last 12 months) is offered only for contracts with a validity period of minimum one year (regardless of the method of payment – single annual installment of monthly installments)

In the case of contracts concluded for a period under three months, access to the archive implies extra costs which will be provided taking into consideration the number of necessary expressions.

Customized corporate packages
For companies active in the communication sector which want to use ZeList Monitor in order to manage their clients activities in Social Media (PR, interactive, advertising agencies and so on), we can offer specially designed service packages according to the number of clients and their specific needs. Let's talk
Non-profit packages
For NGOs and for journalists which want to use ZeList Monitor in their research activity, we offer pro-bono packages. Let’s talk