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Zelist Monitor can be a useful tool for corporations and multi-brand communication agencies with complex monitoring needs (multiuser accounts, media or brand monitoring, advanced filtering, custom exports, integration options with different applications, etc.), but also a handy tool for small business sector and medium-sized or an easy to use solution for start-ups.

Package description Zelist Complete Plus:
Analises & Groups included:
1-2 expressions: 1 analysis, 1 group, 0 subuses
3-5 expressions: 2 analyzes, 2 groups, 1 subuser
6-10 expressions: 3 analyzes, 3 groups, 3 subusers
11-15 expressions: 4 analyzes, 5 groups, 4 subuses
Access for the last year * (last 12 months).
* Access to the archive for the last 12 months is offered for all contracts that have a contractual duration of 12 months or for those that have a contractual duration of at least 3 months and that include at least 3 expressions.
** Access to the archive is for 30 days for the rest of the cases.
Alerts - Daily/weekly summary facility
Sentiment Analysis
Demographic and geographical statistics
Automatic analysis
Mentions Impact
Evolution graph
(sentiment & mentions)
Mentions comparison (group mentions management)
Export - pdf, graphs, xls
Tagcloud - the brand's radiography in social media
Custom Lists
Mentions filter - keyword filter
Tasks management
Social Media Insights

Payment method discounts:
3 MONTHS - 5% discount
6 MONTHS - 10% discount
12 MONTHS - 25% discount

Radio / TV Subscription - 30 euro / month / expression

For custom package orders get in touch.

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Price list: 55 Euro / 272 Lei + VAT
* BNR rate exchange 1 Euro = 4.9477 Lei
Total payment: 324 Lei (VAT included)

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