About us

Zelist Insights is developed by TreeWorks, a limited liability company registered in Romania, Bucharest, Capt. Gheorghe Roventa 3, Sector 2, Fiscal Identification Number RO 14843012 and Trade Register Number J40/8039/2002. Treeworks has more than 15 years of experience in building complex web platforms, big data mining & analytics solutions.

Our monitoring products are succesfully used by many forward-thinking companies like Unilever, Nokia, Discovery Channel, Avon, Danone and many more. We are also proud to see our technology supporting the work of such great organizations as WWF and UNICEF.

Like all of our products, Zelist Insight is also a forward-thinker's tool.

Over the past few years Facebook has become one of the biggest traffic-drivers on the internet, making up for search-engine traffic drops and saving bottom lines. And this trend is only getting stronger. Knowing how to leverage Facebook's incredible power to create exposure for your brand and to engage your users will count. A lot.

With this in mind, we've set out to create a platform that will act like a magic mirror for Facebook pages. It will tell you how fair your brand's page is, but it will also be brutally honest and let you know if your competitor has a fairer one (and how it became so).

However, unlike the mirror in the story, Zelist Insights will also give you all the magic information you need to create the right Facebook strategy and follow through with it. It will help you understand your fans and how they really interact with your page, optimize your content strategy for maximum response, know when and what to post, estimate how many people you really reach with your messages, see what the competition does better and take quick measures.