A bigger bang (for your buck)
Zelist Insights by Zelist provides a complete solution for measuring performance on any Facebook Fan Page and gives access to detailed analytics, charts & more.
You can always get what you want
Track your Facebook Fan page, or combine multiple pages to compare performance and benchmark against one or more competitors in the niche, all with clear, simple data visualization charts.
Paint it blue!
Dashboard reviews all your Insights data in one single place where you can analyze in a glance all Facebook pages that you are monitoring for Active fans, Top fans, Fan growth, Fan - Page Interaction, Average Post Efficiency, Top posts, Content overview & more.
Time (line) is on your side!
Reply to the latest activity regarding your posts & review all posts and comments in the last month in a single place: AccountTimeline
Like a boss Rolling Stone!
Optimize how you publish to your audience, understand much better what your audience wants to hear about and learn how to reach a large audience.
Gimme, gimme a honky tonk fan!
Fans Metrics shows you your fans number evolution and you can compare your page to those of your competitors.
Start them up!
Content Response: The three metrics The Interactions metric allow you to quickly understand the size and engagement of your audience.

Content Generation: Analyze what content type works the most in the last week, last month or even in the last six months, see engagement metrics for every post, compare them to the content published by your competitors and understand how to do a better job on Facebook.
You can set up on the Alerts page to receive a daily, weekly or monthly alert which will send you an overview of your last activity on the Facebook pages you select.