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ZeList Monitor at a glance
More than a simple monitoring service, ZeList Monitor is a
complete solution for
in social media
which permanently monitors
120.000 sources, including the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, online media
and provides its users with an impressive ammount of data, consisting of
demographics and geographical data, assessments of visibility, reports, analysis and alerts.
How much information/audience are we talking about when we say "Social Media from .ro"?
94.000* blogs
Which produce monthly
+ 160.000 posts
* ZeList monitors 99% of Romanian blogs
380.000* Twitter accounts
Which produce monthly
1.8 mil posts
* ZeList monitors 99% of Romanian Twitter accounts
3.600* online media sources
Which produce monthly
600.000 articles
* the most online sources in .ro
46.000* public Facebook pages
Which produce monthly
150.000 posts
+3.1 mil* blog readers
Out of which
741.000 frequent readers
* according to SATI/BRAT from November 2010
+8 mil* Facebook users
Up by
9.5% in the last year
* according to official Facebook data
370.000 Instagram accounts
Which produce monthly
1.6 mil photos
63.000 videos
2.2 mil comments
800.000Youtube accounts
Which produce monthly
140.000 videos
200 forums
Which produce monthly
800.000 posts
Industry leaders using ZeList Monitor
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