According to the studies, if your product has more than 10% bad reviews (one or two star) you'll lose over than 30% of your prospective customers. A ratio of over 35% bad reviews will effectively kill the selling of your product (over 95% loss).

On the other hand over 50% of the disgruntled clients will edit or delete their negative reviews if your customer support team will communicate in a timely manner (first 24 hours), while the risk of losing prospects will be at least 60% lower.

What's our service about?

  • covering in a time/cost-effective manner all your online retail channels for all your products (hundreds, in some of the cases)
  • being able to find what are your weak and strong points (and your competition's) to direct your communication efforts
  • having a simple way to detect what are the concerns of your clients and to help them getting over them
  • being always in control of your social customer support over an extensive array of online sellers